“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do." — Rumi


Emma Ruffin is a wearer of many hats: as a graphic facilitator or "scribe" she practices deep listening, presence and co-creation—allowing the collective intelligence of groups to emerge—which she then captures in storyboard form, transforming meetings and conferences through her art.

As a community organizer and Director of Boulder.Earth, a site that connects people and organizations for collective impact on climate action, she collaborates and facilitates across sectors, leaning into the abundant wisdom of our community to help shift our climate crisis into opportunity.

A lover of problem solving, Emma employs permaculture design principles (certified twice-over) and Theory U into her everyday work, art and play. In the past Emma served as a fellow with MIT's Climate CoLab Program, and currently balances the rest of her time with large & small-scale art projects, gardening, snowboarding, soccer, yoga, laughing with friends and family, and serving as curator with the Global Shapers Boulder Hub, an initiative out of the World Economic Forum driven by 20-somethings dedicated to creating positive change in their communities. She also serves as a board member with 350 Colorado.

Opportunity framework, systems thinking and co-creative solutions makes her heart sing! A lifelong climate activist and artist and she integrates both passions into all that she does: from coordinating countless marches, rallies, and events, to collaborating across diverse sectors, to fundraising over $300k via crowdsourcing sites & in-person events—everything is enhanced with a bit of creativity woven throughout.

High and more high it dives into noon, with wing unspent, untold intent. But it is a god which knows its own path and the outlets of the sky.

— Ralph Waldo Emerson, Give All to Love