GRaphic Scribing:

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Through deep listening and thoughtful observation, powerful creation can be accessed. What are the dynamics at play? What's being shared? What's not being shared? How does it all coalesce into a larger narrative? Fastened together by the nuts and bolts, coming to life in one fluid conversation...

As a visual practitioner I am continually balancing these questions, honing in on the crucial concepts and honoring the unspoken—embracing the emergence. 

Capturing 40+ speakers at the Ascend Leadership Summit in Seattle.

Timelapse of graphic recording at Climate Mobilization Action Plan launch event.

 So what is "scribing" exactly?

Scribing is the art of tracking a conversation—an executive retreat, a week-long symposium, a months-long accelerator!—through words and visuals in real time. It helps participants stay engaged, curious and creative, and takes the overarching work to the next level with ready-made marketing and on-boarding materials that can be referred to time and again. 

The real-time capture helps teams to engage with and respond to complex concepts—making connections that might otherwise be missed. This process of co-creation (team, facilitator, scribe, participants) encourages a sense of co-ownership that helps groups implement new strategies, concepts, products and services with courage and grace.


How do you like to work?

Big! Bold! Beautifully! And ideally in front of a room, where as many eyes as possible can track the visual feast (seriously—our ability to comprehend and retain information increases 40-60% when combined with graphics!).

I'm happy and comfortable working with people I've just met, and on content I'm new to (though getting a 101-level overview can help me frame metaphors ahead of time). Be it a small group setting or a thousand+ person symposium—my job is to listen with keen curiosity, trust the genius in the room, and lean into what is emerging.


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